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Holiday Pot

Holiday Pot

Boofle's got his suitcase packed, the sunshine on his side, sweeties for the flight, all thanks to saving his pennies in his special Boofle Holiday Pot of Dreams Money Box! So why don't you save up to go with him? The world is yours and Boofle's cupcake so you can visit the sweetest places on the planet, Belgium for the chocolate? France for the patisseries? America for the sundaes? Boofle will encourage you whatever the trip, all while making your cosy home look Booftastic until you go!

  • Boofle Holiday Pot of Dreams Money Box
  • Wide coin or note slot
  • Designed for single use only (break to open)
  • Can hold over £1000 in £2 coins
  • Glitter decoration
  • Size approx. 14 x 13cm
  • Pot wording: 'Saving up for my holidays... I'm saving up all my pennies so I can go on holiday somewhere really, really nice... Ooh, I can't wait! xxx'

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