You Are My Sunshine

You're Boofle's sunshine, his lovely sunshine; you make him cosy, on a rainy day! We think Boofle must know, how much we all love him, because we never want to be away!

And when it's night time, a time for snoozing, Boof wants to be snuggled, by your side! Then when you wake up, with the sun shining, you can plan your trip to the seaside!

So tell someone special, with our snuggley Boofle, just how much they mean. They make you happy, when you're feeling blue; because they're your own special lovely sunbeam!

  • Boofle Small You Are My Sunshine Bear
  • Sits 7" high (including ears)
  • 'You are my sunshine xxx' wording
  • Boofle holding a sun plaque

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